Art Anatomy

The Genitals

The male genitals consist of the shaft and the scrotum. At the end of the shaft is a cap-like form called the glans, which may be partially or completely covered by the tubular foreskin if the penis hasn't been circumsized. The scrotum is a sac containing the testicles, whose ovoid shapes are apparent on the surface. The male genitals vary as widely in size and shape as the female breast.

Only the most superficial portions of the female genitals can be seen. Typically only the raised outer lips of the labia majoris are visible; the labia minoris and glans of the clitoris can be seen only if the thighs are separated. The labial cleft may appear on the front of standing figure, but more commonly the whole area is obscured by pubic hair and the recessive position of the region. The anterior area of the vagina is raised by a protective pad of fat over the pubic bone called the mons veneris (monz VEN-er-us, the mount of Venus).

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